marzo 21, 2017

Global Affiliate Program (GAP)

FRNSHX is always looking for design-forward retail Stores operating in the high-end furniture industry to join its Global Affiliate Program (GAP).

Stores Partner will join GAP as an integral part of one of the two categories:

H.E. (High-End): if dealing with high-end leading brands of interior design market.

EX (Experimental): if dealing with contemporary, innovative, emerging labels.


Joining GAP is completely free and is subordinate to a selection process which aims at identifying the retailers best fitting the Program and the website orientation.

Stores operating in each part of the world can partecipate to the selection process. The only organizational requirement needed is related the products’ shipping process. Each Store has to be capable of respecting the shipping times we provide the costumer with. In fact, we determine shipping times for each order together with the Store itself. Once determined, they cannot be changed, therefore have to be respected.

Further, we will offer support to the shipping process in each of its parts: from the shipping/assembly phase, which we entirely manage ourselves, to the costumer relationships which include: information about the products, technical support, advice, payments management.

We will further manage returns and refunds and we are the only subject the costumer will relate with, during the entire purchasing process and after it.


The only fee a Store Partner joining the Program has to bear is on to the sale price (excluding shipping/assembly costs) of a product sold globally through the platform, and amounts to the 14.29%.

Order returns and cancellations are excluded from the fee.


When you shop at FRNSHX you’re shopping pieces from high-end interior design Stores around the globe, expertly curated for you by the FRNSHX Team.

This unique model guarantees you a huge range of pieces to shop, from established luxury brands to the most interesting new designers. Within that range you’ll find unique styles that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Moreover, express shipping is provided to almost all countries worldwide, we guarantee you’ll receive your order before you know it.

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